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The FST smallQuick Change Die System... a flexible tool for changing dies quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Our tool is applicable to many market segments, including punch presses, assembly, trim dies for die casting, and simple or progressive dies. Available die sizes range from 3x3 to 10x20 workable square inches in steel, and up to 16x32 inches in aluminum.

Quick Change with Plates Sliding Out

Our system is an excellent choice for complying with Boeing's AQS Guidelines for SMED: Single Minute Exchange of Dies. Die changes can be done safely and accurately in just seconds, instead of hours - a cost savings which can quickly pay for the cost of the Quick Change itself many times.

Click Here for a product overview of the FST smallQuick-Change Die Changer.

Aluminum Quick-Change & Quick-Set Now Available

In response to customer inquiry, we are now offering our product in aluminum as well as our long established line of steel.

The primary advantage of aluminum versus steel is the ease of handling larger sized dies. This benefits both you and your workforce by reducing employee injuries resulting from repetitive handling of heavy steel.

The above image shows a Quick Set with the Manipulator option. The Manipulator features side and bottom swivel bearings, allowing easy access to the dies for set-up.

We Design to Your Needs

Do you have an application which may benefit from the FST smallQuick-Change Die Changer? Fill out our Request for Quote form, and be sure to include the details of your application including press specifications and die design information. We'll contact you shortly with ideas on how to meet your criteria.