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Quick Set Manipulator Tool

The FST logo smallQuick Set Manipulator has the same base features as the QUICK CHANGE and QUICK SET, allowing trouble free set-up from the die shop to the punch press. The Manipulator features a sturdy metal frame with side and bottom swivels for easy manipulation of the die set's position. Any orientation can be attained with the swivels, making die assembly and set-up hassle-free.

video iconView a video demonstration of the FST logo smallQuick Change Manipulator in action! Go to the Video Demonstrations page.


  1. Leader pin holes jig bored in the die shoe
  2. Bushing holes jig bored in the die shoe
  3. Hardened and ground backrail
  4. Hardened and ground fixed dovetail
  5. Ground replaceable guide for sliding dovetail
  6. Hardened and ground sliding dovetail
  7. Rectangle shape for ease in working on the bench
  8. Large opening, top and bottom, for access to screws and dowels when aligning punches and dies manually
  9. Height adjusting screw for punch alignment; can use allen, box, open end or socket wrench. Can also be removed.
  10. Sturdy metal frame with side and bottom swivels for easy manipulation of the die set's position. Any orientation can be easily attained with the swivels, allowing trouble-free setup outside of the press.



The Quick Set can be customized to suit any press at minimal or no additional cost.

  • Sizes from 3 x 3 to 10 x 20in
  • Aluminum or steel
  • 2 or 4 post; pins and sleeve bushings
  • 2 or 4 post; pins and ball bushings
  • Length of posts and bushings
  • Provide relieved areas
  • Special thickness of die shoe
  • Right or left clamping slide


Integrating the Quick Change Die System into your process will mean Increased Production with Greater Profits. Payback is very short and often immediate. Everyone in the company will benefit from the Quick Change Die System.

The average improvement ratio is 1-40, or 40 minutes of lost production SAVED with each die change. Depending on the number of die changes in your process, the savings can add up very quickly.

Examples of average savings per year using a 1–40 ratio:

Table of cost savings with 1-40 ratio


The sooner you integrate the FST logo smallQuick-Change Die Changer into your process, the soon you can begin reaping the benefits. Click here to request a quote.


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